Extension Leadership Team Meeting Minutes July 7, 2021

Extension Leadership Team Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2021
Virtual Meeting (3:00-4:30 PM)

Facilitator: Lisa Phelps
Note taker: Hannah Carter

Please note: Due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of some agenda items, these ELT minutes do not represent the full content of each meeting.

Communications & Marketing Team and Publication Transition

Michele L. and Tracey F. joined the ELT meeting to discuss the publication transition. Tracey updated us on the publications transition – we were notified last fall; Sequoia will no longer be available to us after July 31st. We need a new solution to house our publications and continue without disruption for our Pesticide-related materials. We began exploring our options.  The first was NetSuite, which the UMaine bookstore is utilizing. This won’t work for Extension; it has a high price tag and a short turnaround time for a MOU. We considered SalesForce, which is not available to us at this point. CDMS (our event registration system) is great for our online event registration system, the interface isn’t set up for selling books. The user experience would be clunky. We landed with TouchNet. This is the UMS E-Commerce system and has been in use for many years. It’s a familiar product to us. It works with our chart fields.

Tracey shared what the new website/storefront would look like. Some suggestions were made around the search option, name for the store, names for the categories

All free downloads will be categorized (almost 800) and available. The search engines have always worked well. People typically find the information they want through google. The downside is that the hard copy books are currently not available for sale. They currently account for only 8% of our inventory and they are not authored by Extension staff. Tracey will do an inventory of our current books available and send it out to staff. The upside for using TouchNet eliminates the need to transfer funds between accounts, every product is assigned to a chartfield.

There will be a media release late summer/early fall to share this new information.

July 31 is our end date. Next Monday, July 12, the transition will occur for the sale of the pesticide manuals, which would act like a soft launch. That gives us two weeks for any issues that might arise.  Kerry Bernard will be trained to process orders and set up some of the products. We will share this in an email and Tracey may join the August Extension Connections to share this information with the organization.

In the future, SalesForce may be an option for marketing our publications, but in any case, will interface with whatever platform we are using so as to capture customer data.

Extension Vehicles

Oxford County Extension staff wants a car that their EC is willing to purchase and maintain. How would we reconcile this in light of the vehicles that we already have in three of our counties?

The ELT discussed the possibilities of Extension Associations and/or Executive Committees purchasing county-based vehicles for staff and volunteer use, and discussed the potential liability issues. We are looking at current guidelines and policies and brainstorming ideas on how to (hopefully) make this work.

July Lunch and Learn

Looking for some ideas for our next “Lunch and Learn” – does anything come to mind that the organization would be interested in learning about?  We agreed that AgrAbility would make a great topic. Also possibly information around the GL tutorials that are being created and maybe updates on Concur. Hannah and Fran have also brainstormed a list of potential topics as well.

Grants Awarded in FY21

UMaine Cooperative Extension experienced one of its highest totals ever for successful grant awards, tallying $5,918,111 during FY21. This is more than $2.6 million higher than FY20 and significantly higher than in recent years (details are at the end of the minutes, below).

Book Club

Information will be posted next week about joining the book club at which the book “The Gatherings” will be the focus. The Gatherings shows how Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples can come together to create meaningful and lasting relationships.

Reopening Supplies

Reopening supplies can be ordered through UMaine at; https://umaine.edu/police/eoc/supplies-request-form/

New APL Regarding Volunteer Drivers

There is a new “Administrative Practice Letter” (APL) for vehicle use effective July 1, 2021. Dennis is reviewing it, but wanted to share this about volunteer use of University vehicles:

Volunteer Drivers

In special circumstances, the University System Risk Manager can approve University volunteers as drivers if it is in the University’s best interest. Volunteer drivers must be a University-approved volunteer and meet the requirements established to become a University approved driver.

If people need to seek permission for volunteers to drive University vehicles, please contact Dennis Harrington. Students can drive university vehicles but they also have to go through the approval process.

FYI – All APLs for the UMaine System can be found here:  https://www.maine.edu/apls/

Announcements & Congratulations

Congratulations to Cooperative Extension Dean Hannah Carter on the award of $24,178 from the USDA/NIFA through the Extension Foundation for a project titled ME/UM Vaccinate with Confidence. In this one year project, Hannah will be working with our collaborators; the Maine Farm Bureau, the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, and the Maine Wild Blueberry Commission; to target farmworkers in Washington and Aroostook Counties with print materials, social media, and advertising utilizing the CDC’s “Vaccinate with Confidence” educational campaign and resources.

Congratulations to Ronald Fournier, Director of Bryant Pond 4-H and Learning Center, on the award of $180,000 by the State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife for a project titled 2021/2022 Moose Lottery Fund. This one-year project will enable a greater number of Maine youth to enroll in a 1-week Conservation Camp program offered at Bryant Pond, as well as provide virtual sessions and additional programming that complements the conservation education curricula.

Congratulations to PI Dr. Leslie Forstadt on the award of $2,400 from USDA/NIFA and the National Young Farmers Coalition to support the Farm and Ranch Assistance Network. The funding will further the work of supporting Northeast farms, farmers, and farm workers to reduce stress.

Search Updates

 4-H Youth Development Professional – Somerset – Interviewing
Administrative Specialist CL2 – Cumberland County – Advertising
Agricultural Engineer Professional – Failed Search
Assistant Director (Bryant Pond) – Advertising
Assistant Extension Professor and Fish Nutrition Specialist – Habtemichael Habtetsion Andemichael and Donald Hawkyard hired
Assistant Extension Professor/Dairy Specialist – Offer made
Climate Services Specialist/Assistant Extension Professor – Negotiation Stage
Community Education Assistant CL2 – Waldo – Advertising
Lead Facilities Maintenance Worker CL2 (part-time) – Janie Knox hired
Statewide Small Business Educator & Assistant Extension Professor – Advertising

FY21 Grants – Cooperative Extension – $5,918,111

Date Awarded Project Title PI / Co-PI Name(s) Sponsor(s) Sponsor Total
09/11/2020 Genetic Improvement of North American Atlantic Salmon & the Eastern Oyster for Aquaculture Production Deborah Bouchard US Dept of Agriculture $847,000
03/19/2021 Cellulose nanomaterials: A novel adjuvant and delivery system for aquaculture vaccines Deborah Bouchard / Sarah Turner US Dept of Agriculture $495,000
07/07/2020 Potato breeding to improve biotic and abiotic stress tolerance John Jemison US Dept of Agriculture $489,983
01/13/2021 Closing the Technology Gap through 4-H School-at Home Enrichment: A Northeast collaborative approach to serving rural communities in the time of COVID Ryder Scott / Lisa Phelps University of New Hampshire / US Dept of Agriculture $328,191
01/25/2021 Building Agricultural Literacy through an Immersive Culinary Experience Kathleen Savoie US Dept of Agriculture $300,000
03/30/2021 Maine West Workforce Development Ryder Scott / Tara Pocock Northern Border Regional Commission / US Dept of Agriculture $286,800
08/26/2020 Detection of African Swine Fever Persistence in Swine Slurry

and Protocols for Inactivation

Mark Hutchinson National Pork Board $261,156
02/24/2021 Maine Families Melanie Bryan Maine Children’s Trust / ME Dept of Health and Human Services / US Dept of Health & Human Services $243,264
04/15/2021 Education and On-farm Research to Improve Long-term Sustainability of Hemp in the Northeast John Jemison University of Vermont / US Dept of Agriculture $204,331
09/03/2020 Maine Integrated Pest Management CPPM-EIP 2017-2020 James Dill US Dept of Agriculture $185,415
06/15/2021 2021/2022 Moose Lottery Fund Ronald Fournier ME Dept of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife $180,000
08/18/2020 Maine AgrAbility Continuation Year 3 Richard Brzozowski US Dept of Agriculture $180,000
03/02/2021 Value-Added Grains For Local And Regional Food Systems I Ellen Mallory Cornell University / US Dept of Agriculture $159,073
02/03/2021 2020/21 Moose Lottery Scholarship Funding Ronald Fournier ME Dept of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife $150,000
07/02/2020 Assessing The Impact Of Winter Ticks And Tick-Borne Diseases On Moose Health Anne Lichtenwalner Morris Animal Foundation $148,492
05/14/2021 Maine 4-H Community Central: Engaging Teens in Workforce Development Kristy Ouellette US Dept of Agriculture $132,000
07/28/2020 USDA ARS Research Support Agreement Deborah Bouchard US Dept of Agriculture $117,700
03/03/2021 Real World Real Science- Implementation Lisa Phelps Gulf of Maine Research Institute / National Aeronautics & Space Administration $111,176
10/26/2020 Aspirations Incubator Program Yr 4 Ryder Scott /

Danielle O’Neill

Emanuel and Pauline Lerner Foundation $105,825
11/12/2020 Digital Center for Risk Management Education David Handley University of Minnesota / US Dept of Agriculture $100,000
11/24/2020 Using Foliar Fertilizers And Soil Amendments To Improve Wild Blueberry Production And Resilience To Warming Lily Calderwood ME Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry / US Dept of Agriculture $84,647
11/09/2020 Maine Potato IPM – 2021 Griffin Dill ME Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry / US Dept of Agriculture $83,321
03/22/2021 Maine Agricultural Mediation Program Leslie Forstadt US Dept of Agriculture $81,998
08/03/2020 Building Capacity Of Land-Based Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture In The US (Yr2) Deborah Bouchard Maryland Sea Grant College Program / US Dept of Commerce $81,303
10/14/2020 Defining And Overcoming Economic Factors Hindering Adoption Of Food Safety Practices By Small And Medium Sized Farms In The New England Region Jason Bolton / Robson Machado Ohio State University / US Dept of Agriculture $58,307
09/30/2020 Identifying Gaps in Knowledge and Capacity to Help Farmers Adapt to a Changing Climate Ellen Mallory University of Vermont / US Dept of Agriculture $46,662
12/08/2020 Farm and Ranch Assistance Network Leslie Forstadt National Young Farmers Coalition / US Dept of Agriculture $35,807
04/16/2021 Boots-2-Bushels: Improving Farm Viability For Veterans And Farmers With A Disability Caragh Fitzgerald University of Delaware / US Dept of Agriculture $35,374
02/01/2021 Aphid and PVY Surveillance James Dill / Griffin Dill University of Idaho / US Dept of Agriculture $33,867
12/16/2020 Expanding Maine’s Berry Industry to Improve Farm Profitability Yr2 David Handley / James Dill ME Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry / US Dept of Agriculture $30,872
10/07/2020 New England Plant Disease Network 2020-2021 Alicyn Smart University of Florida / US Dept of Agriculture $30,000
09/21/2020 Season Extension Strategies And Profitability In Dairy And Livestock Operations In New England John Jemison University of Vermont / US Dept of Agriculture $29,993
09/22/2020 Improving Shelf Life of Fresh Pack Wild Blueberries in Maine Lily Calderwood / Marjorie Peronto University of Vermont / US Dept of Agriculture $28,270
03/08/2021 Season Extension Strategies And Profitability In Dairy And Livestock Operations In New England Caragh Fitzgerald / Richard Kersbergen University of Massachusetts / University of Vermont / US Dept of Agriculture $26,046
12/18/2020 Maine Agricultural Mediation Program FY 2021 Leslie Forstadt US Dept of Agriculture $25,938
06/07/2021 ME/UM Vaccinate with Confidence Hannah Carter Extension Foundation / US Dept of Agriculture $24,178
02/25/2021 The Impact Of The Local Food System And Natural Environment On Rural Food Security And Health Outcomes During The COVID-19 Pandemic Kate Yerxa University of Vermont $22,145
04/02/2021 DHHS Youth Outdoors Skills program Ronald Fournier ME Dept of Health and Human Services $17,000
07/01/2020 2019/20 Moose Lottery Scholarship Ronald Fournier ME Dept of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife / ME Dept of Health and Human Services $17,000
01/04/2021 Pesticide Training Module Kerry Bernard Extension Foundation / US Environmental Protection Agency $16,775
11/09/2020 Healthy School Partnerships Jeffrey Colpitts Onion Foundation $15,000
09/30/2020 Reducing Risks of Wildlife/Livestock Parasite Transmission Anne Lichtenwalner University of Vermont / US Dept of Agriculture $14,907
12/16/2020 Squash: Expanding Maine’s Fresh Vegetable Market through Improved Winter Squash Storage David Handley / Alicyn Smart ME Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry / US Dept of Agriculture $14,595
01/12/2021 SCC STEMports: Community Workforce Development through Augmented Reality STEM Learning Experiences Ryder Scott Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance / National Science Foundation $10,000
09/21/2020 Maine 4-H Community Central: Engaging Teens in Workforce Development Yr 2 +$ Kristy Ouellette / Mitch Mason US Dept of Agriculture $9,800
07/02/2020 Small Fruit Survey and Vegetable Survey 2020-21 David Handley / James Dill ME Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry / US Dept of Agriculture $9,500
04/05/2021 AgrAbility FRSAN – Software for farmers Anne Devin National Young Farmers Coalition / US Dept of Agriculture $5,000
06/15/2021 FRSAN – Cohort Participation Leslie Forstadt National Young Farmers Coalition / US Dept of Agriculture $2,400
03/03/2021 Portland Housing Authority Garden Days Pamela Hargest Portland Housing Authority / US Dept of Housing and Urban Development $2,000