2021 UMaine Extension Virtual All Staff Conference

Building the Roadmap for Extension’s Future

icon graphic for 2021 Virtual Conference, UMaine Extension's Roadmap home pageMarch 16-18, 2021, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Our “Extension Roadmap” focused virtual conference took place on Tuesday, March 16 to Thursday, March 18, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The conference focused on our five themed team areas*:

In addition to hearing from each team, including their recommendations for changes, there was time for questions and a period for each team to discuss possible next steps and other implementation ideas they have. Everyone within Extension was to have a chance to “vote” on the ideas they think should move forward after the conclusion of the conference. Voting to be open for two weeks after the conference ended.

For more information or questions about the 2021 UMaine Extension Virtual All Staff Conference, contact Fran Sulinski, fran.sulinski@maine.edu or 207.581.3186.

The 2021 UMaine Extension Virtual All Staff Conference Planning Committee…

…thank you for attending this years’ conference and thanks to you for your patience and participation which made it such a successful event!

Not Able to Attend This Year’s Conference?
(or do you know someone who wasn’t able to attend?)

We, the Planning Committee, would still like your input and invite you to participate by reviewing the Roadmap Committees’ Final Reports below or recordings of each presentation (on their related committee page), submitting feedback forms, and using The “Voting” Survey (Google Form) to vote on the committee’s recommendations.

Or, visit the Roadmap Committee landing page for links to the related committee pages for their final reports, presentation recordings and feedback forms.

Thank You UMaine Extension!

A compilation video presented on the final day of the conference (Thursday, March 18):

For More “Thank You” Videos from the Conference:

Visit the Videos: Thank You University of Maine Cooperative Extension Page

UMaine Extension Milestones

Presented on the final day of the 2021 UMaine Extension Virtual All Staff Conference, Thursday, March 18, recognizing the 2020 “Milestones” of UMaine Extension.

The "Voting" Survey

Ready to Vote on the Roadmap Committee’s Recommendations?

voting survey icon graphicThe 2021 UMaine Extension Virtual All Staff Conference is now over, the five-themed Roadmap Committees have given their presentations and submitted their final reports and now it’s time to “vote” or give your ratings of each committees’ recommendations. Please note that your vote will be anonymous.

UMaine Extension staff will be given approximately two weeks (from March 18, 2021) to submit a completed The “Voting” Survey.

Reminders to complete the voting survey will be sent as we are close to time to wrap up the voting and calculate results.

Recordings of each presentation should be available soon for viewing and their availability will be announced.

The “Voting” Survey (Google Form)

The 2021 Roadmap Conference Evaluation

Ready to Evaluate the Conference?

evaluation survey icon graphicThe 2021 UMaine Extension Virtual All Staff Conference Planning Committee would appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete the 2021 Roadmap Conference Evaluation. Similar to The “Voting” Survey, answers given on this form will be anonymous. We’d ask that you submit the evaluation within two weeks after the conference closing day on March 18, 2021.

2021 Roadmap Conference Evaluation (Google Form)

Provost's Remarks, Tuesday, March 16

On the first day of the conference, Tuesday, March 16, we heard from Provost John Volin, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Maine.

Keynote Address: "The Emotion Behind Change"

On the final day of the conference, Thursday, March 18, an address was delivered by dynamic keynote speaker, Dr. Matt Sowcik, Assistant Professor, CLD Specialization Coordinator, UF|IFAS University of Florida Agricultural Education and Communication, focused on organizational change.

Roadmap Committee Final Reports and Feedback Forms

considering how we operate iconConsidering How We Operate

enhancing collaboration committee iconEnhancing Collaborations

enhancing our financial future icon graphicEnhancing Our Financial Future

Programming for the Future icon graphicProgramming for the Future

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