Things to Know for the 2021 UMaine Extension Virtual All Staff Conference

Table of Contents:

March Zoom Updates Released, Version 5.5.5

Please help us minimize technical issues for the upcoming 2021 UMaine Extension All Staff Conference, and make sure you have Zoom on your device and it’s up-to-date. Visit the Zoom upgrade/update to the latest version page for more information.

Need Help with Zoom? Contact the UMS:IT Service Help Desk: 800.696.4357 or

Conference Norms

  • Engage, practice active listening and participation: This includes pre-work and any work outside of Zoom meetings.
  • Listen respectfully: Communication is much more effective, especially in Zoom, when we speak one at a time and listen to the speaker.
  • Mute: When you are not talking, please mute yourself, so there is no competing sound.
  • Avoid talking over each other: This can be hard to do sometimes with delays in technology, but it becomes hard to understand with multiple voices at once.
  • Patience: These are Covid times: Some of us are still working from home and can get interrupted by animals or humans. Some of us are the only ones in the office and may have to answer phones or deal with walk-ins. Therefore we might not always be 100% focused. Just be patient and repeat things if necessary.
  • Get up and stretch or stand up.

Extension Professionals Committee (EPC) Informational Session

Wednesday, March 17, 9:00-9:45 a.m.

The EPC is holding an informational session on the morning of Day Two of UMaine Extension’s Virtual All Staff Conference.

We’ll have information about the committee and some of the topics we are working on including professional development and the promotion process. There there will be time for questions and an opportunity to let us know what suggestions you have for the committee.

Are there topics you would be interested in learning more about or issues you would like to see the committee address? We would love to hear from you! Email us at

We are here to support you, the Extension Professional!

UMaine Extension Staff Who Work 20 Hours or Less

You may add hours to your workweek in order to attend the 2021 UMaine Extension Virtual All Staff Conference. Those hours will be paid out of central funds. If you or your supervisor have questions or concerns, please contact Fran Sulinski,