Logo(s) / Official Colors

For more information, please reference the Branding Guide. For copies of logos for all the campuses of the University of Maine System, visit UMS Style Guide and Downloads.

The official University of Maine Cooperative Extension logo is required on all Extension materials.

Extension’s official logo is required on all University of Maine Cooperative Extension materials, including brochures, flyers, fact sheets, newsletters, posters, promotional items, advertisements, etc.

UMaine Extension logo

Extension’s logo (shown above) incorporates UMaine’s crest art with our own logotype. The logo must be used in the exact proportions and layout as shown above (visit the What Not to Do page). The crest and the typewritten words constitute an entire logo; the elements should not be separated. The logo is shown here in the official color combination of PMS (Pantone Matching System) 292 UMaine light blue and PMS 289 UMaine dark blue.* When the logo is printed in a single color, the light blue should not be printed as a tint or grayscale, but as a solid.

Where can I get a copy of the logo?

You can download it from here.

The links below point to files on the UMS myCampus Portal and are password protected. When accessing Portal documents, you need to be logged into the UMS myCampus Portal using your Gmail login info. Another way to get to the files is to go to Extension’s Community on the Portal at UMS myCampus Portal, UMaine Extension Document Library, under the Documents and Media section header, navigate to Logos, then to the logo you want.

To download on a PC: right-click on any of the links below and choose “Save Target As.” Save the file to a folder on your hard drive where you will be able to easily find it again. Download times will vary depending on the speed of your connection.

To download on a Mac: right click and choose “Save Image As” (or “Save Link As”).

If none of the versions above is suitable for your project, please contact the Communications Office and we will send you one that is.

Copies of UMaine Extension Program Affiliation Logos can be downloaded from our UMaine Extension Program Affiliation Logos web page.

What else do I need to know about the logo?

The University of Maine crest art is trademarked. Products (such as t-shirts or mugs) printed with UMaine licensed names and marks must be produced by licensed vendors and must carry the TM symbol. Contact University Relations or the Communications Office prior to ordering such products in order to be considered for licensing royalty waivers.

*Using Color on the Web vs. Print

Color channels represented on desktop computers and on television sets translate the Pantone Matching System colors which are used for print (CMYK) into red, green and blue (RGB).

Percentages for converting PMS colors to RGB colors are:

  • PMS 292 (light blue)
    Red: 45.9%
    Green: 57.3%
    Blue: 78%
  • PMS 289 (dark blue)
    Red: 0%
    Green: 5.5%
    Blue: 26.7%

Print jobs can be either spot color or process color.

When using spot color please specify PMS 292 or PMS 289.

When using process color (CMYK) please specify:

  • PMS 292 (light blue)
    C: 72%
    M: 27%
    Y: 0%
    K: 0%
  • PMS 289 (dark blue)
    C: 100%
    M: 60%
    Y: 0%
    K: 56%

When working with our Word templates, use:

  • PMS 292 (light blue)
    C: 40%
    M: 8%
    Y: 1%
    K: 0%
  • PMS 289 (dark blue)
    C: 93%
    M: 73%
    Y: 23%
    K: 52%

When using HEX numbers on the web, use:

  • UMaine dark blue (PMS 289) = #003263
  • UMaine light blue (PMS 292) = #3698D4

For more information about UMaine brand standards, for both print and web, please visit the UMaine Division of Marketing and Communications Policies and Procedures page and the Branding Toolbox.