Section 3.3 Performance Appraisal

Evaluation of Classified/Hourly Staff Members

The collective bargaining agreement with the Associated COLT Staff of the University of Maine System (COLT (PDF)) describes performance evaluation in Article 7. Unit members receive annual evaluations by their supervisors.

Performance evaluations of hourly staff are directly tied to their job specification (title and career level). The contract recommends the use of a specific evaluation form. This form is available at the UMaine myCampus portal’s Performance Management section. Extension administrative staff do provide reminders and the supervisor should add a tickler to their calendar in the event the reminder system fails. If it appears the staff member is not performing the level and type of work described in the job description the supervisor should discuss this with the staff member. This may result in a decision to submit a request for reclassification or it may be a time the supervisor needs to adjust the work to meet the expectations of the current title and level.

The contract includes a timetable for the completion of the performance appraisal process and the employee’s right to appeal or make comments.

The hourly performance evaluation does include an optional opportunity for the staff member to complete a self-evaluation. By being given the option to evaluate his or her own performance during the past year, a dialogue is created that is useful both to supervisor and employee in improving performance and maintaining good relations. Self-evaluations of this kind are encouraged. Any supervisor or employee who would like suggestions on how to initiate or carry out this kind of self-evaluation process should call the Assistant Director and human resource administrator for further information.

Evaluation of Professional Employees

The collective bargaining agreement with the University of Maine System Professional Staff Association (UMPSA (PDF)) requires an annual review of all job descriptions and annual evaluation of the unit member’s performance. New employees should be evaluated within the first 6 months of appointment. These procedures are discussed in Articles 12 and 13.

The contract requires that UMPSA employees be evaluated in writing prior to the completion of the initial six-month period of the appointment and yearly thereafter. The current UMPSA contract specifies a six-month probationary period.

Extension professional employees are supervised either by an administrator, non-represented or represented professional or by an Extension faculty member. After the initial probationary period, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to annually complete a review of the employee’s job description and to complete an evaluation. This is usually done prior to the anniversary of the hiring date and includes a self-evaluation on the part of the employee.

When the job description is revised, a dated copy is placed in the employee’s personnel file, which is kept in the office of the Assistant Director and human resource administrator; the employee receives a copy, and a copy should be forwarded to the office of human resources.