We dedicate this resource for 4-H volunteers to Norma Hardison, Community Education Assistant in Hancock County for 20 years, 4-H volunteer for 40 years, and 4-H family member for a lifetime. Fondly known as “Norma’s Notebook”, Norma helped create this notebook years ago. Funding was lacking, and colleagues who started the project moved on, but Norma continued to believe it was an essential tool for new volunteers getting started with 4-H and she provided one in Hancock County. Over the years it has been updated and tweaked. “Norma’s Notebook” is now available for use in all 16 counties across the state of Maine. Thank you, Norma, for always keeping 4-H volunteers a priority and reminding us to think about things from their perspective. We appreciate all you have done over the years to make the best better!

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