Becoming a Certified 4-H Volunteer

All adults working with youth as 4-H volunteers for more than 8 hours/year require certification by the local UMaine Extension office. Volunteers become certified through the following three-step process:

Volunteer Application Process

If you have not yet completed and submitted your volunteer application with the names of two references, and completed and *submitted the supplemental volunteer application form, contact 4-H staff at your county’s Extension office for assistance before proceeding.

Volunteer Training

Once the application process is complete, discuss with county staff the training option that works better for you:

Volunteer Enrollment Packet

When the application and training processes are completed, you’re ready to complete and submit the following forms:

*Submit completed forms to your county Extension office except the supplemental volunteer application. Send that form only to:

University of Maine
Office of Human Resources
115 Corbett Hall
Orono ME 04469-5717

or fax to 207.581.1548.

Becoming a Certified 4-H Volunteer (Word)