4-H Archery Camp, Ages 9-11

Archery Day Camp

Hit the mark with Archery Camp! Many young people are looking for their first chance to shoot a bow and arrow, and Blueberry Cove’s Archery Day Camp is a perfect way to start! This program, for ages 9-11, weaves many of the traditional activities at Blueberry Cove with a focus on basic archery practice. We’ll begin with safety and equipment, and then it’s off to the range for some hands-on fun!

Our Genesis Bows are ideal for young shooters with adjustable weights and sizes for everyone. Once on “target”, we’ll work on accuracy and shooting form and other shooting activities such as 3-D shooting, and games. With a solid foundation, we hope to inspire the next generation of future archers.

Other activities will include swimming, hiking, and many other camp offerings. Archery is led by certified 4H Shooting Sports instructors.

Ages: 9-11            Cost: $300          FAQs and Packing List

Program Dates:

Week 2: July 1-5, 2024

camper takes aim at target with bow and arrow

Because the University of Maine defines archery equipment like weapons and has a strict weapons policy for the safety of all, and for liability and insurance reasons, camp program participants are asked not to bring their personal shooting sports equipment to Blueberry Cove 4-H Camp & Learning Center without prior authorization from the Director or the Maine 4-H Shooting Sports Program Coordinator. The 4-H Shooting Sports instruction team at Blueberry Cove is very familiar with the wide variety of equipment and competently provides complete instruction in the shooting sports discipline programs that we offer.