Tanglewood’s Open Air Classroom¬†programs immerse students in fun-filled, discovery-oriented, adventures in the outdoors. Our programs allow students to work cooperatively in group situations to develop life skills, a sense of community spirit and an awareness of their connection to the natural world.

Activities take place in small study groups of 8-12 students, each led by an experienced instructor. We challenge students with open-ended inquiry and critical-thinking situations that strengthen problem-solving skills. Our programs are based around 4-H Earth Connections, an experiential teaching methodology that addresses the needs of diverse learning styles, often effectively reaching students who find a traditional classroom atmosphere challenging.

Our programs are designed to be part the classroom curriculum, rather than an “extra.” Every program is correlated to the State of Maine Learning Results and tailored to the curricular goals of each participating class. We are happy to provide teachers, parents, and administrators with an outline of the content covered and the standards addressed for specific programs.