Outreach Programs

We come to you!

All outreach activities are correlated to the State of Maine Learning Results.

campers participate in the St. George Poetry ProgramAutumn Adaptations (K-5th grade)
Investigate what goes on “behind the scenes” during nature’s busiest season of change. This program is full of hands-on activities and games.

Winter Ecology (K-5th grade)
Discover how plants and animals survive the extreme challenges of Maine’s winters. Depending on the age of the students, activities may include snowshoeing, animal tracking, shelter building, snow experiments, stories and puppet shows.

Spring Connections (K-5th grade)
Explore nature as it reawakens, focusing on forest ecology, the importance of wildlife habitats and the interconnections between all species.

Group Building (4th-12th grade)
Develop self-esteem, leadership and creative problem-solving skills through a series of fun, interactive group challenges. A cohesive team will develop by creating trust and increasing communication skills.

Watershed Explorations (1st-6th grade)
This program engages students in an interactive discovery of the water cycle, while discovering the importance of watersheds, including the one in their own backyard!

* In addition to these offerings, any of the School Program’s lessons can be adapted as an outreach for the classroom!