4-H News in Washington County – September 2020

Dates to Remember

September 15: Entries Due for Dog Photo Contest (see state news #1)

September 30: 4-H Project Records Due

September 30: 4-H Club Treasurer Report  Due

October 6-10: National 4-H Week

November 25: Deadline for Reenrollment Paperwork

December 31: Final Deadline for Reenrollment Paperwork


Return to In-Person 4-H Programming

We are pleased to announce that we are gradually restarting in-person Extension programming including 4-H! We know that some of you may still not feel ready or comfortable with in-person activities and that’s okay. We also know that many of you are anxious to resume some form of participation and we want to try to make that happen. It is important to note this process will be gradual. All 4-H Volunteer led gatherings/meetings will be small, for now that means 10 or less total people. They will also need to take place outside, or in a well-ventilated space like a barn or garage (not in homes). Face coverings will also be required for all people present (until there is six feet of social distance between participants).

Please read the letters from Dean Hannah Carter for more information and be sure to familiarize yourself with news rules and regulations.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Washington County 4-H Youth Development Professional, Brittany Foster, brittany.foster@maine.edu.

Family letter

Volunteer letter

Required checklists, processes and training materials


Office Protocol

We are very pleased to tell you that the office is now open to the public Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to Noon, through the month of September.  In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we require that masks be worn and that we meet outside and social distance by staying six feet apart. If you are not feeling well, please visit another day, we will be happy to help you by phone or email. If possible, please call ahead to make an appointment if you wish to speak to a particular person.


Welcome to New 4-H Volunteers

The Washington County office would like to welcome our newly trained 4-H volunteers!  They are Felicia Santerre, Michelle Carter, Nicholas MacDonald and Ronna Coleman.


2020 Washington County 4-H Photo Contest

Congratulations to all the 4-H photographers who entered the Washington County 4-H Photo Contest this year.  The photos were all well done!   Photos, ribbons and those who received monetary awards will be able to pick them up in October.  Tara will contact you to set up an appointment.  
Special Awards
Judge’s Choice: “A Beautiful Day at the Lake” by Nellie B. and “Fishing Partner: Mr. Frog” by Linda J., both from Cobscook Currents 4-H Club.
A Beautiful Day at the Lake
A Beautiful Day at the Lake by Nellie B.
Fishing Partner: Mr Frog
Fishing Partner: Mr Frog by Linda J.
First Blue: Tie “Do You Have Food?” by Nellie B. and “Fishing Partner: Mr. Frog” by Linda J., both of Cobscook Currents 4-H Club
First Blue: “1880 Whiting Dam” by Linda J. of Cobscook Currents
Second Blue: “House on Hill Addison” by Tabitha L., Independent Member
First Blue: “Beautiful Day at the Lake” by Nellie B. of Cobscook Currents
Second Blue: “Bee on Flower” by Tabitha L., Independent Member
First Blue: “Family Camping and Food” by Lily A., Independent Member
Second Blue: “Big Sister Jumping” by Jenilyn L., Independent Member
First Blue: “Placing Veterans Flags” by Lily A., Independent Member
Second Blue: “Hatching Chicks” by Jenilyn L., Independent Member
Special thanks to our judges who completed the process online this year.  We appreciate your patience and willingness to try something new.

Please view our gallery for award-winning photos here!


Reenrollment 2020

Another 4-H year will begin soon! Reenrollment packets will be mailed at the beginning of October. Please be sure to follow the instructions. Reminder: There will be a $1 Accident Insurance Fee per member and leader, $2 for horse members and leaders. Clubs may vote to use money from their treasury or to individually contribute the fees. This applies to new and returning members and leaders. Note- members pay the fee only once regardless of how many clubs they are in. Please submit fees with your enrollment forms.  We would like to have your re-enrollment paperwork returned by Wednesday, November 25th. The absolute deadline is Thursday, December 31st. No exceptions will be allowed after that date.


Requirement for Clubs

The 4-H year officially ends on September 30th. Please, finalize your club treasurer’s report and send or bring it to the office. Reports will be reviewed and returned with feedback.  Thank you for complying with this mandate from the University of Maine.


Project Records

4-H members in Washington County are encouraged to complete a project record for all projects in which they have participated during the 2020 4-H year. Despite the uncommon and challenging 4-H year, it is important to reflect on your experiences and set goals for the upcoming year.

Project Records are due in the Machias office by Wednesday, September 30th. Project records can be found on the Maine 4-H Project Records website.


4-H News from the State

  1. Maine and Northeast Regional 4-H Dog Photo Contests
    Enter the Maine 4-H Dog Photo Contest! Photos will be uploaded and judged. Winners in each of five categories will move on to the Northeast Regional 4-H Dog Photo Contest to compete against winners from several other states. ALL enrolled 4-Hers may enter, not just dog or photography project members. Go to this web page: umaine.edu/4h/animal-science-resources/dog/dog-photo-contest/ for more information.
  2. State 4-H Dairy News
    The Maine 4-H Dairy Committee would like to announce the results of the Promote Your Passion video contest. This contest gave youth the opportunity to create a short, informational video about the dairy industry and share their passion for dairy cattle with others. We would like to congratulate Lydia S. for winning the Sr. division with her video The Milking System. Congratulations also go out to Amelia R. who won first place in the intermediate division with her video The Pasteurization Process. A close second place in the intermediate division was awarded to Isabelle G. for her video Making Yogurt.