WCEA Meeting Minutes – January 2022

WCEA meeting minutes 1/18/2022

Present: Eric Jones, Kyle Winslow,, Jen Lobley, Ed Latham, Brittany Foster, Lisa Phelps, Bob Simpson, Leslie Monroy 


Approval of September meeting minutes – moved by Eric , seconded by Bob , unanimously approved


Treasurer’s Report:

Review of Balance sheet and Operating Statement

Approval – motioned by Kyle , seconded by Eric , unanimously approved


Staff Reports:

Brittany sent an email looking for volunteers for the county public speaking 4-H event. Kyle shared interest and encouraged others interested to join in. Participants speaking will be allowed to perform without a mask during their performance with the social distancing set up but all others at the event will be masked. 

Program Highlights:


UMaine Machias Visit re: Office Space

Thursday at 10am at Powers Hall. Parking available for potential spaces? 

Report from those taking the tour next meeting.


Annual Meeting and Norm Duzen Award

Just 4 meetings left before the Annual Meeting

Discussion next meeting on format and potential date

When does the Norm Duzen Award go out? Jen thought it might be in February the requests go out but will check on that timeline.

Lilly Calderwood, blueberry specialist invited? We tried to get her last year, after we get more specifics on the date this year maybe we could invite her for this year?

Shoot for June timeframe. Tentatively looking at Tuesday the 21st of June.

Possibly hosting the event up at the learning camp? Covid complications are a big unknown so may have to focus on virtual again this year?


Orientation for new committee members: Tabled for a later date to best accommodate new members.



Need to start thinking about potential new executive committee people we could approach for spring recruitment.

Brainstorming suggestions or questions to include Mano en Mano for a program highlight. Share with Leslie at the next meeting.