Master Gardener Class – January 29, 2020

Welcome to the first York County MG Class Post of 2020! It was wonderful to meet and hear from all of the new Class of 2020 MGV trainees this morning.

Here is the Link to Maine Garden Day Info and Registration I promised you.

Homework for Next Week

Next week we will focus on Soils Part I and Home Composting.

Here is a link to the Master Gardener Program Policy which we ask you to please review one more time.

This is the page to please BOOKMARK for one-stop shopping for all your York County Master Gardener Forms and Information, including links to the training manual, reporting form, and much more. Our class blogs can always be found from this at the tab where it says Master Gardener Class Assignments

Here is the link to your Master Gardener Online Manual. Bookmark this site. One of the Pest Management Chapters is password protected. We will email you the password when we get to that point in the training.

Here is the link to the Class Core Competencies you will be achieving in this class:

Reading — Soils Homework

Familiarize yourself with the Soils Chapter of your Online Manual and in particular review:

Reading — Home Composting Homework

Review Links for Seed Starting Information: