Standard Equipment Box for Dairy and Livestock Members

Every 4-H dairy and livestock club member who plans to show animals at a fair should have a suitable box in which to keep his equipment. Since some club members hope to show at Eastern States Exposition, a standard size box would be the most logical one to construct. A larger or smaller box may be constructed to fill the individual’s needs if they do not plan to take the box to Eastern States.

The box illustrated is 17 x 18 x 30 inches. It should be constructed of either 3/4 inch plywood or matched lumber. The molding strips will also be 3/4 inch thick. Molding may either be nailed or screwed on, screws would be much better.

The corners of the box would look best if cut on 45 ° bevels. This is not a requirement, but care should be taken to cut the side pieces about 1½ inch shorter if square or butt joints are used. The molding may be cut in the same manner. The front view of the box shows both sides and molding cut on a bevel while the side view shows only the sides out on a bevel.

Molding an inch wide is place around three sides of the cover. When the cover is placed on the box, about ¼ inch of the molding should hang down over the sides of the box. Two inch molding is butted up against the cover molding on the front and sides of the box only. A 3½ to 4 inch molding is placed around the bottom on all four sides. Skids about ½ x 3 inch should also be placed on the bottom to protect the molding.

The hardware may be inexpensive, but should be strong. A chain makes a fine arrangement for preventing the cover from tipping back too far. This should be fastened on with round-headed stove bolts. One may have a built-in lock or use fasteners for a padlock. A combination lock is recommended, as there are no keys to lose. However, if one prefers a regular lock with keys, he should by all means have two keys. Ropes ¾ inch in diameter make excellent handles. They should be placed through 5/8 inch holes, and tied with simple overhand knots.

When a number of 4-H animals from Maine are exhibited at New England activities, the appearance of the exhibit is improved if the boxes are uniform in size and color. The box should be painted a medium shade of green or close to Benjamin Moore high gloss metal and wood enamel latex, Classic Hunter green #309 42.

The equipment one needs varies with kind and number of animals being shown. The following are only suggestions:

Blankets, brush, comb, polishing material, such as oil, emery cloth, rasp and cloths, soap, bluing, halters, clippers, towel, first aid kit, water pail, feed bucket, fork, etc.

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