Horse Quiz Bowl Team

Quiz bowl is an exciting way to learn about horses, work with other 4-H’ers, visit Kentucky, and compete on a National level.

What is Quiz Bowl?

Quiz Bowl is a questions game similar to Jeopardy. Two teams with four players each, buzz in to answer questions and gain points. The questions are all horse related and can range from diseases and anatomy to tack and riding disciplines.

What is the State Horse Quiz Bowl Team?

Every year, a quiz bowl tryout is held for the Maine State Quiz Bowl team. Four 4-H’ers and one alternate are chosen to be on this team. The selected team attends practice sessions, and competes both regionally and nationally.

What are the benefits of being on the State Quiz Bowl Team?

Being a part of the state team, not only enables you to learn more about your horse project and become a more responsible horse owner, but can also provide you with several unique opportunities. The state team travels to Kentucky in November where they compete at the North American Livestock Convention on the 4-H Horse Round-Up weekend. The team often tours the state of Kentucky, visiting breeding farms, Churchill Downs, and Kentucky Horse Park. Also, studying and competing on the Quiz Bowl team, teaches life skills such as working with other people, study discipline, and good sportsmanship. If you are thinking about going to college or pursuing a career in the horse industry, Quiz Bowl will provide you with the perfect head start and build an impressive resume.

What are the requirements to be on the State Quiz Bowl Team?

You must be enrolled in 4-H and be 14-18 4-H age. You are not required to have a vast knowledge of horses, but you should be willing to learn, study, come to practices, and work as a team. You should also be committed to traveling with the team to competitions in October and November.

Note: if you are 13 in 4-H years and are interested in being on the team for next year, you should try out this year, as the Quiz Bowl team may be chosen a year in advance.

How do I try out for the State Quiz Bowl Team?

Tryouts will be announced later and will be in the spring, and practices are once a month. The top four 4-H’ers with combined scores for tryouts test and practice attendance make the team.

Contact Jessica Maloy for more information, including a complete schedule of practice meetings.

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