Are You Prepared to Assist an Accident Victim?

This article originally appeared in the Farm Scoop newsletter.
By Dr. Richard Brzozowski

There are several considerations to prepare in case of an accident or injury on the farm. Do you have a well-equipped farm first aid kit? Does everyone know where the first aid kit is? Are emergency numbers up to date and posted for all farm workers or family members to see? Have you discussed with employees and family members what to do in case an accident occurs? Are there people on the farm who are trained in first aid or CPR?   Your preparation could save a life — and it could be yours. For more information about farm first aid and preparing for accidents, contact UMaine Extension’s AgrAbilty program at 207.944.1533 or visit Maine AgrAbility.

View the University of Maine Cooperative Extension worksheet on First Aid Kits for the Farm and Home.

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