Monthly update on AgrAbility

Work safely; keep logging stickerMaine AgrAbility geared up for a busy March. AgrAbility exhibits and resources will be shared at six different events — all before packing up and heading to TN for the NTW! The exhibit themes will be Universal Design, with hands-on discussion points to share information and ideas with people about making their workspace universally accessible.

LogAbility packets were distributed to a local lumber mill. The easy to handle packets were assembled for the lumber mill to share with the loggers and truck drivers, increasing our distribution of information and resources.

On March 9, Maine AgrAbility hosted a Cultural Diversity Training for staff, advisory council members, veteran farmers and veteran services staff. Throughout  the day we will be looking at the similarities and differences between military and non-military culture, alongside other cultural differences.

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AgrAbility e_Note March 2017