COVID-19 and the 211 Resource

The COVID-19 situation in the United States brings with it many questions and concerns. The CDC and local health organizations are the places to go for medical advice and assistance. However, with schools closing, businesses requiring work from home, senior groups being unable to meet, and other complications, many people experience feelings of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, not to mention the need for food, housing, and other assistance.

211 is the number to call to connect to area resources in your neighborhood. This number can be used by service providers and consumers alike to get assistance. Most 211 networks have 24-7 coverage and thousands of area resources in their databases. Love the web better than the phone? Go to to see if your region’s 211 website has what you need. Like to chat online instead of the phone? Many 211 centers offer that option as well.

In times of concern, check out your region’s 211 service, make sure your organization is listed, and take some time to see what resources are available.

Prepared by National AgrAbility partner: Goodwill of the Finger Lakes