Dealing with Arthritis in the Kitchen – Harvest & Preservation

jars of jellyArthritis can make working much harder when it comes to the harvest and preservation of crops. Repetitive bending, kneeling, picking, and carrying can increase arthritis pain. In the field and in the kitchen there are several devices that can be very helpful in managing arthritis pain. One such example is a “new” type of home canning equipment, a type of boiling water bath canner available for home canning of low acid foods.

The Ball Electric Boiling Water Bath is an alternative to the stovetop boiling water bath and has some features that result in less heavy lifting in the kitchen. The electric boiling water bath is placed on your countertop, potentially allowing for greater ease with filling with water from your sink hose. Another unique aspect of the electric boiling water bath is the spigot that allows you to drain the water directly into your sink. Other advantages to the product include that it does not heat up your kitchen as much and also frees up your stovetop burners for products that you are preparing to process.


For more information on home preserving, please check out UMaine Extension resources found at this webpage: