Happy Birthday, Marines!

3 red white and blue star shaped ballonsOn November 10th, and for many days before and after, Marines around the globe will take a moment to wish each other Happy Birthday. We reflect on our service, take stock of our present, and look forward to the future. We are never static.

As we celebrate our 245th birthday this year, we are older and wiser. Though our world is going through pain and uncertainty, the familiar beat of Marines forward-deployed, defending and preserving our freedoms in every clime and place provides a sense of stability and assurance that we will get through whatever challenge comes our way. In fact, we will become stronger because of it. We owe the Marines who have gone before us a debt of gratitude for forging the path that we walked, just as the Marines serving today follow and forge new paths of their own.

Whether you served for 4 or 40 years, the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor emblem is emblazoned upon your heart. A heart that yearns for purpose and service. Many of us have found our next mission in the world of agriculture – a noble profession that utilizes many of the same traits necessary for being successful in the Corps: resilience, teamwork, perseverance. Thank you for saying “Yes” when our nation called. Thank you for continuing to say “Yes” to your neighbors and community.

I would be remiss without a hearty thank you to our brothers and sisters-in-arms who served alongside us in their respective services. Together, our ethos demands that we unite and transcend what divides us. We were willing to die for our country, and now she needs us to live for her.

To all Marines past and present, and to our Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard brothers and sisters who continue our legacy of honor, courage, and commitment, Happy Birthday, Happy Veteran’s Day, and Semper Fidelis.

Couple in military dress unifrom

Anne Devin

Colonel (Retired), USMC

Maine AgrAbility Farmer Veteran Outreach Coordinator