Maine AgrAbility offers free fuel identification stickers

Using the wrong fuel in farm tractors can result in expensive mechanical issues and production downtime. An inexperienced worker not knowing the proper fuel for the equipment could cause a huge problem. Or, if you rely on the original factory labels- they may be faded or worn off. To assist farmers to prevent such a mistake, the Maine AgrAbility program has designed colorful fuel identification stickers for tractors. Maine AgrAbility Gasoline Only StickerMaine AgrAbility Diesel Only StickerMaine AgrAbility has designed fuel identification stickers for use on farm tractors to help prevent potential mechanical issues and production downtime if the wrong fuel is mistakenly used. 

Request free fuel identification stickers and view all available safety stickers on the Maine AgrAbility website. For more information about the program, call 207.944.1533 or email