AgrAbility News for August 2021

Maine AgrAbility News

group of farmer student standing on field edgefarm student learning to use tiller from farmer

Maine AgrAbility’s Boots-2-Bushels continued with its monthly in-person workshops in August at Rustic Roots Farm, in Farmington, ME. Farmers Erica and Dave talked about their SARE grant, small tools needed for a mostly no-till farm, how they run their various farm shares.  The hands-on learning continues to be successful.


Our first article published in the Loggers Voice is about Maine AgrAbility’s LogAbility program.  LogAbility will be providing routine articles in this news outlet. Future articles will feature aging, specific diseases, conditions, and common injuries that can be best addressed by loggers at work. These practical articles will also include interviews with workers in the logging industry whenever possible.

We are excited to introduce Michaela Marden, our USM, Masters OT student completing her Level 2 Fieldwork experience with Maine AgrAbility. Michaela is working with a farmer client with a vision impairment on using his new AT to maneuver independently around his farm property. She is also developing a presentation for service providers about Cultivating Relationships for use in 2022.  Richard Brzozowski spent 3 days with farmers from Kansas who were touring Maine.  AgrAbility was discussed and Richard was able to help connect Kansas Farm Bureau staff members with the KSU AgrAbility team.

Toolbox Spotlight

The Walk’n’Chair Combination Walker-Wheelchair (complete with hand brakes, hinged footrests, and reversible handles, seat, and carrying basket) is designed to quickly transition from one to the other. As a rolling walker, the two large wheels are designed to allow one to navigate stably over uneven terrain (e.g., dirt trails, grass, gravel) and snow-covered areas. As a wheelchair, it can be either driven by the user or pushed by another person.

National AgrAbility News

The AgrAbility Virtual State Fair (VSF) returns in October to help celebrate AgrAbility’s 30th anniversary! Participating SRAPs will have their own day to share their successes and mission. Visit and to check out last year’s VSF posts and plan for this year’s.

The next Regional Workshop will be held in Manhattan, Kansas, November 16-18, 2021. Staff are working on the agenda and tours, so more information will be coming out soon.