Maine FishAbility race team to support fishermen’s association

FishAbility, Fishing for a Lifetime, part of Maine AgrAbilityMaine FishAbility, part of the Maine AgrAbility program, will sponsor a team of runners in the 2021 Maine Marathon Run for a Cause virtual relay.  All proceeds will support the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association’s Fishermen Wellness Program, which helps to provide safety equipment and mental health and wellness support for fishermen and fishing families.

The Maine FishAbility program works with fishermen who have chronic health conditions, injuries or disabilities to help them continue to work productively and safely.  Barriers that fishermen, sea farmers, and harvesters face in Maine are not always visible; mental health issues are as real as physical health issues. “It’s an isolating, dangerous occupation with falls overboard, boats sinking, and perpetual job insecurity. Depression, anxiety, stress, and anger all impact fishermen,” says Monique Coombs, Director of Community Programs at Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association (MCFA). MCFA works with fishermen supporting coastal communities. MCFA helps fishermen by focusing on their physical and mental health.

In October, MCFA is a beneficiary in the ‘2021 Maine Marathon Run for a Cause’. Funds raised will increase the support of Maine fishermen and raise awareness of mental health.  To support this cause, a Maine FishAbility team will participate in the 26.2 mile Maine Marathon virtual relay event on October 8, 2021. Team leader Brie Weisman said, “We are pledging our blood, sweat, and tears so you don’t have to.”

You can support Maine fishermen’s health too!  Please consider making a donation, check out our fundraising page, and help us reach our goal of $250.

Give today.  Giving online is easy and fast, and your support will make a real difference.