AgrAbility News October 2021

Maine AgrAbility’s program Boots-2-Bushels (B2B)  finished up the 2021 growing season with two sessions of Farm Coaching discussing effective communication between farm partners and employees. The season has been remarkable working with veterans learning to farm in Maine.

This has been an amazing journey into the world of farming.  (We) have learned so much, we met wonderful people, and toured the best of Maine’s farms.  Here’s to Boots -2-Bushels!!!!” (B2B student)


The Level 2 OT fieldwork student, Michaela Marden has authored our latest article Maine FishAbility: rotator cuff injuries for the

five women in running gear and dressed silly like obsters
Maine FishAbility marathon relay team

November 2021 issue of Commercial Fisheries News. Having Michaela work with us for the past 12 weeks has been jam-packed full of learning, program development, and fun, including a virtual marathon. As a FishAbility effort, five staff members ran the Maine Marathon relay race on October 8th, a beautiful sunny, warm day! We raised $755 for the Fishermen Wellness program (

To increase the capacity and access of the Maine AgrAbility program we developed a training program to create Maine AgrAbility Ambassadors (MAAs). An MAA is an individual who is trained and informed about AgrAbility and its mission, and someone who promotes Maine AgrAbility to the people in their circle of influence. In our inaugural year, we’re training 19 MAA about AgrAbility resources and efforts.


Toolbox Spotlight

Herding a cow into a small pen then restraining it to help deliver the calf and/or aid in nursing can be difficult and dangerous, requiring quick movement and strength. A Calving/Maternity Pen, consisting of steel-tubed panels, automatic head-gate, sweep-gate, and rear-access door, is designed to solve this problem. The sweep-gate has a lower level that can be opened to give the new-born access to nurse, and the rear-access door is designed to provide safer entry to assist with delivery, if necessary.