AgrAbility News for December 2021

Maine News

Maine AgrAbility is launching 2022’s Boots-2-Bushels: Boot Camp for Market Gardeners and Farmers. This program is supported by Maine AgrAbility, the Extension Risk Management Education (ERME) Program, Farm Credit East, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), and local farms throughout Maine. There are 25 people signed up, of which 15 are veterans/family, for a total of 20 farms. Staff are welcoming new Mainers in transit from Hawaii and Florida, too!goats wearing fleece coats

We shared AgrAbility information and winter farming issues with NEWSCenterMaine recently.


Toolbox Spotlight

air monitoring device on left and smart phone displaying ATMO data on the right
ATMO Tube device (L), ATMO data displayed on a smartphone (R)

A Personal Air Quality Monitor is a handheld or wearable battery-powered unit that tracks, measures, records, and transmits surrounding atmospheric condition data to one’s electronic device (e.g., smartphone, computer). It warns workers with respiratory impairments if they are entering a dangerous environment for their lungs. The user can then, in real-time, read the results (even be audio-alerted) and take protective action, if warranted. Among the pollutants that the monitor detects are carbon and nitrogen oxides, vehicle-exhaust emissions, dust, pollen, soot, mold, and a wide range of volatile organic compounds (primarily in gaseous form).