AgrAbility News for January 2022

One of Maine AgrAbility’s advisory council members, Donald Burr, Professional Logging Contractors of Maine’s safety and training coordinator, recently created this YouTube video for the Maine LogAbility program. Transferring fuel can be strenuous and messy. These AT suggestions may help address these barriers. Fuel Transfer Pumps as Assistive Technology

fisherman in gear on a boat, stretching with arms into the air

Starting in February, Maine FishAbility will be providing fishermen virtual access to stretching poses to help them stay productive and avoid injury. Suggestions for strength and conditioning specifically for fishermen will be shared to encourage better health and minimize injury and pain. These exercises and stretches are intended to be done using gear that is readily available on the boat or dooryard (what Mainers call the area immediately adjacent to the front door of a house) and performed easily while in the wheelhouse or on the deck.

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This effort is a partnership of the Maine Coast Fisherman’s Association and UMaine Cooperative Extension’s Maine AgrAbility program, working to address the physical needs of fishermen and the business of fishing. See the first post on: