Upcoming Webinar: Design by What You Can Find

hammer and nails in a boardAgrAbility Webinar: June 23 at 2:00 p.m. EDT

Design by What You Can Find.  Ingenuity is the prize quality of a farmer far from town with a problem that needs to be solved without spending half a day driving to stores and buying materials. Once the problem to be solved is apparent, the process begins with a stroll around the farm to see what existing materials are available and may be useful…then heading back to the shop to figure out how to use the tools already there to create the assistive device.

A question & answer period will follow the presentation.

Access the online registration form here. Please pass on this invitation to others you believe may be interested.

Contact AgrAbility at 800-825-4264, visit www.agrability.org/ntw-encore, or email agrability@agrability.org if you have questions.