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Folding Ladders Keep Workers Climbing

From disABILITY Work Tools blog November 12, 2015.  Can you lift a leg high enough to step up onto a bar stool? Skilled tradesmen are forced to do that each time they climb onto heavy machinery. Powerful machinery saves labor and allows skilled trade workers to complete difficult tasks safely and efficiently. Workers with disabling […]

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50-Cent Fixes

By Tom Gillis ATP, Alpha One & Maine AgrAbility Whether farming is your livelihood or you’re a weekend gardener, the simple fixes listed below can help reduce the stress and wear your body endures while farming to make your work more productive and efficient. Standing at a work bench for an extended period fixing that […]

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Keep Farming Using Technology Solutions

Archived Webinar from 9/24/2013 In this webinar, participants will learn more about Maine’s AgrAbility program and about the farmers who are using these services. The presenter will discuss farmer’s disability related needs; look at technology solutions including off-the-shelf products, adaptive equipment, farm modification, and software products. The presentation will also include funding options. Target audience: […]

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