6.03.20 Possible frost overnight June 1st to June 2nd in many locations

Possible Frost

There were possible frost conditions in some locations overnight from Monday June 1st to Tuesday June 2nd.  The table below shows temperatures recorded at the weather stations.  There will be a range of temperatures in any field.  Temperatures below 30F can cause some damage but temperatures below 28F are associated with yield loss.   The table below shows the approximate length of time when temperatures were below 35F and the lowest temperature recorded at each weather station.   I have chosen to report temperatures below 35F since there will have been colder or warmer areas around the weather station.

Location Frost June 1 to June 2, Temperatures below 35F
Brunswick none
Waldoboro none
West Rockport none
Hope/Appleton 2hr, 32.3F
Searsport none
Bluehill Length? 31.5F recorded
Ellsworth/Hancock 6hr, 28.3F
Aurora 8hr, 26.9F
Eastbrook 5hr, 29.6F
Gouldsboro 7hr, 29.3F
Deblois/Airport 9hr, 28.2F
Montegail approx. 4hr, 32.8F? Weak signal
Jonesboro 4.5hr, 31F
Whiting approx. 1hr? 33.4F weak signal
Crawford/Love Lake 2hr, 33.4F