Mummy berry-Monilinia infection April 30th to May 2nd

There were Monilinia infection periods at most weather station locations overnight from April 30th to May 1st and May 1st to May 2nd (please see table below).  The raining weather is continuing in most areas.  Pinheads and cups are still being found so there is still chance of infection.  Unless you have a late field, your plants will be at the susceptible stage during these past infection periods.

The rain forecast for Sunday during the day and night will likely produce Monilinia infection.  The cups are still going to be producing spores this weekend.

The best way to protect your plants is to apply fungicide before an infection period occurs.  If you were not able to do that, you may get some decrease in disease if you apply propiconazole or fenbuconazole fungicides by May 3rd evening.  These fungicides penetrate into the first layer of the leaf, so there is a chance these fungicides will kill off Monilinia infections that have only penetrated to that level in the leaf.   Please check with your processor on which fungicides they will accept.

Please check your mummy berry plots and let me know how they are doing.  Seanna Annis


Table showing when possible Monilinia infection periods

occurred at each weather station location

Weather Station


April 30th

Infection period start

May 1st

Infection period start

Waldoboro probably 9:30pm not working
West Rockport yes 10pm yes 7:30pm
Appleton yes about 8:30pm yes 7:30pm
Liberty yes 8:30pm yes 8pm
Searsport probably yes 8pm
Ellsworth yes 3pm continued wet through May 1st and 2nd
Aurora yes 10pm probably, a bit cold overnight
Bluehill yes 10pm yes 8pm
Eastbrook yes 11:30pm yes 8pm
Steuben probably 11:30pm yes 8pm
Deblois probably (not working)  Probably
Montegail unlikely yes 9pm
East Whiting/Machias no maybe 11pm
Crawford yes 10:30pm yes 11pm