Cold temperatures overnight in a few fields May 18 to 19

At the blueberry weather stations, there were cold temperatures recorded again in fields near Aurora and Deblois and cool  temperatures in fields near Steuben and Appleton. These are single location temperature reports so the temperatures over the whole field and in nearby fields can be different.   In the field in Aurora, the temperature sensor recorded 5 hours below 28F, and within that time period, 3 hours of temperatures below 24F.  In the field in Deblois, the temperature was below 28F for 3 hours.    The temperature dipped to about 32 F in fields in Appleton and Steuben so some parts of the field may have had cooler temperatures.  None of the other weather station locations indicated cold temperatures.

You can see the weather conditions at the blueberry weather stations on the Agrinet website.  There is a website you can access through the Chrome browser ( and smart phone app available to provide up-to-date temperature, and other weather measures, collected by the blueberry weather stations. Look for the app for a smartphone (Android or iOS) by searching for “AgriNET” made by Tuctronics in your app store.