Cold Temperatures overnight from May 22 to May 23, 2023

Cold temperatures were seen in a few of our weather stations overnight from Monday, May 22 to Tuesday, May 23rd. In many locations,  the temperature at the weather stations did not dip below 31 F.   We do not have weather stations working at Montegail and Searsport, but at all other locations we did not see low temperatures. The following stations we did have lower temperatures which may injure flowers or fruit set to some amount.

Location Temperature
Waldoboro about 31 F for 1/2 hour (hr)
Liberty about 31 F for 3 hr
Aurora lower than 28 F for 3 hr, and within that lower than 26 F for 1 hr
Steuben lower than 31F hr for 5 hr, and within that less than 28 F for  30 min
Deblois lower than 31 F for 3 hr, and within that lower than 28 for 1 hr