4.12.21 Mummy berry season is starting for 2021

We have seen swelling of buds on Friday from Waldo, Knox, Lincoln and Hancock county. The warm weather this weekend would have moved the plants along even farther.  We did not see any pinheads or cups last  Thursday and Friday in the above locations.  On Monday, we did see pinheads in our Orono plots which have heavy wet soil.

Please check your mummy berry plots and plants and let me know how they are doing.

The weather stations are getting online.  We have the stations from Waldoboro, West Rockport, Appleton, Searsport, Ellsworth, Eastbrook, and Steuben running. Most of the rest will be running by the end of this week.

App and Website for Weather Stations and Disease Forecast 

Mummy berry forecasting season is approaching.  There is a website and smart phone app available to provide up-to-date disease forecast data and information collected by the blueberry weather stations. It is available as a website: https://app.agrinet.us/ and as an App for a smartphone (Android or iOS).  Please search for “AgriNET” made by Tuctronics in your app store.



Once you are logged in, click on “Map.” Weather stations showing a green band indicates a working station. The icons show you the current conditions for mummy berry and Botrytis risk infection at that weather station. Click on the icons of a particular weather station to go to page with more detailed weather info, growing degree day models, and a link to Export past weather data.

Season updates and more information about the app will be available on the UMaine Wild Blueberry Website under Publications > Disease Blog (see link on map in app). Seanna Annis will still send disease reports as needed via email list, Disease Blog, and on the Blueberry hotline (800-897-0757) under disease option 3. If you wish to be added to the email list, please send her an email at sannis@maine.edu.