Mummy berry alert for possible infections this week Monday April 19

Mummy berry season is getting very close in many fields.  Fields in Ellsworth, Eastbrook and the barrens and Blueberry hill farm have pin heads. I expect with the wetness we got on this past weekend and the warmer weather today and Tuesday in many areas that there will be cups soon in many fields.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has a mummy berry plot. Please contact Seanna Annis at 207-581-2621 or at

The plants are getting close in many fields.  Please check your plants. In the picture below, the buds at the top of these stems are are F2 (crown stage) and the lower buds more tear dropped shaped are F1.  We have reports of plants mostly at F1 to F2 and a few early fields with some buds at F3.

The long period of wet weather forecast for Tuesday evening through Friday morning (depending upon your area) may produce a Monilinia infection period in many early fields.  The temperature is forecast to be cool but with mostly rain as precipitation in blueberry areas.

Blueberry stems showing flower buds at F2 (top of stems) and F1 (lower on stems).
Blueberry stems showing flower buds at F1 stage, swollen but bud scales are still separating