Possible Monilinia infection periods from May 2 to May 4

There have been weather conditions for Monilinia infection periods from May 2 to May 4 in most areas.   Monilinia cups were still present in the Midcoast area this week, and I expect that cups are still are producing spores this past week in most blueberry fields.

I expect the cups are starting to slow down but I have not been around to look at all mummy berry plots. If you have a plot in your field, please let me know how the cups are doing.

If you have applied fungicide after April 24 to 27 (10 to 7 days) then your plants were probably protected during these last Monilinia infection periods.

The forecast is for no rain from May 5 to May 11.   I do not recommend applying fungicide again until we see if the Monilinia cups are still producing, and if there is a forecast for rain later next week.  There is a possibility of an infection period if there is a long lasting  fog in your field, but otherwise there is little chance of infection over these next few days.  I am hoping by the time we have rain again that most of the cups will be finished.

Please email me (sannis@maine.edu) or call me (207-581-2621) if you have looked at your mummy berry plots.