2021 Wild Blueberry Research and Extension Reports

report cover for 2021 Wild Blueberry Extension research reports
DOWNLOAD: 2021 Wild Blueberry Research and Extension Reports (PDF)

January 2022

The work presented here would not be possible without our farmer and processor collaborators and funding sources. This document was compiled and edited by Dr. Lily Calderwood and her Research Assistants, Mara Scallon, and Brogan Tooley.

DOWNLOAD: 2021 Wild Blueberry Research and Extension Reports (PDF)

Land Acknowledgement

The University of Maine recognizes that it is located on Marsh Island in the homeland of the Penobscot Nation, where issues of water and territorial rights, and encroachment upon sacred sites, are ongoing. Penobscot homeland is connected to the other Wabanaki Tribal Nations — the Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Mi’kmaq — through kinship, alliances, and diplomacy. The University also recognizes that the Penobscot Nation and the other Wabanaki Tribal Nations are distinct, sovereign, legal and political entities with their own powers of self-governance and self-determination. The Wild Blueberry Cooperative Extension and Research team recognizes that the ongoing cultivation of wild blueberry in Maine is based on the knowledge and experience gained by generations of Passamaquoddy, Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, and Penobscot communities; these communities continue to cultivate and celebrate wild blueberry today.

University of Maine Faculty Contributors

  • Dr. Seanna Annis, Associate Professor of Mycology, School of Biology and Ecology
  • Dr. Lily Calderwood, Extension Wild Blueberry Specialist and Assistant Professor of Horticulture, School of Food and Agriculture
  • Dr. Phil Fanning, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Entomology, School of Biology and Ecology
  • Dr. Jonathan Malacarne, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, School of Economics
  • Dr. YongJiang Zhang, Assistant Professor of Plant Physiology, School of Biology and Ecology

Research Assistant Contributors

  • Judy Collins, Mara Scallon, Jacob Schwab, and Brogan Tooley
  • Blueberry Hill Farm Crew
  • Josh Stubbs and Chris McManus
  • Graduate Student Contributors
  • Anthony Ayers, Becky Gumbrewicz, Yu-Ying Chen, Ben Johnson, Antonio Jurlina, Ian Leonard,
  • Lauren Miller, Ana Maria Ospina Tobar, Abby Novak, Pratima Pahadi, and Rafa Tasnim

Undergraduate Assistant Contributors

  • Sydney Abramovich, Erica Carpenter, Abby Cadorette, Atharv Desai, Abigail Fisher, Emma
  • Gibbons, Aldous Hoffman, Jessica Hutchinson, Aidan Lurgio, Hayley McGowan, Maura Pate,
  • Samuel Roberts, Erica Roche, and Sophia Suriano

Many thanks to the following individuals for their photo contributions on the cover and team action pages: Lily Calderwood, Judy Collins, Phil Fanning, Becky Gumbrewicz, Ben Johnson, Mara Scallon, and Brogan Tooley

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