2019 Wild Blueberry Research and Extension Reports and Presentations

Wild blueberry specialist Frank Drummond and Graduate Student in the field

2019 Wild Blueberry Extension Summary (PDF)

Spatial Distribution of Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Infestation (pdf)
Validation of the Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Male Trap Capture Threshold (pdf)
Blueberry Flea Beetle Control (pdf)

Epidemiology of Leaf Spot Diseases and their Control (pdf)
Improving Control of Mummy Berry (pdf)

Organic Weed Management for Wild Blueberry Growers (pdf)
Wild Blueberry Weed Survey (pdf)
Well Water Testing for Tribenuron-methyl (Express) (pdf)

Can We Predict Wild Blueberry Plant Stress Using Drones (pdf)
Effects of Warming on Wild Blueberry Production and Pests (pdf)
Effects of Foliar Fertilizers on Wild Blueberry Physiology and Pest Pressure (pdf)
Effects of Organic Soil Amendments on Physiology and Pest Pressure (pdf)

Pest and Crop Forecasting Tool Needs Assessment (pdf)
Contamination from Harvest Bins (Preliminary Study) (pdf)

Wild Blueberry Organic Acid Quality Analysis (pdf)
Summary of Relevant Findings on the Health Benefits of Wild Blueberry (pdf)

Wild blueberry ramet dislodged by tineweedingPast Presentations

2020 UMaine Wild Blueberry Conference

Weed Science
Weed Management in Wild Blueberry – Lily Calderwood (pdf)
2019 Wild Blueberry Weed Survey – Anthony Ayers (pdf)

Wild Blueberry Tip Midge – Becky Gumbrewicz (pdf)
Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management in Wild Blueberry – Philip Fanning (pdf)

Plant Diseases
Wild Blueberry Research, Mummy berry – Seanna Annis (pdf)
Wild Blueberry Research, Leaf rust – Seanna Annis (pdf)

Processing & Value-Added
Fresh Pack Post-Harvest Handling – Lily Calderwood (pdf)

Effects of Foliar Fertilizer on Wild Blueberry Physiology and Pest Pressure – Brogan Tooley (pdf) PART 1

Effects of Foliar Fertilizer on Wild Blueberry Physiology and Pest Pressure – Brogan Tooley (pdf) PART 2

Graduate student in the field using quadrats to count wild blueberry rametsBee Conservation
Bee Conservation Efforts in Maine – Jeremy Markuson (pdf) PART 1

Bee Conservation Efforts in Maine – Jeremy Markuson (pdf) PART 2

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