Real-Time Wild Blueberry Phenology

About the Wild Blueberry Phenology Tracker

The Wild Blueberry Phenology Tracker allows users to track the growth and development of wild blueberries across different regions as well as assist researchers, farmers, and enthusiasts understand the phenology of wild blueberries, which refers to the seasonal timing of biological events like bud break, flowering, and fruit ripening.

For phenological stage descriptions and photos please visit the:
Maine Wild Blueberry Phenology Guide (PDF)

2023 Wild Blueberry Phenology Record and Weekly Report

Week of July 31-August 04, 2023

Below is this week’s update on fruit development in crop fields. We also measured shoot tip dieback as well as bud development in prune fields this week.

Week 18: Crop Field Plant Development

% Stage
Date Visited Locations Green Fruit Blushing Fruit Blue Fruit Over Ripe Fruit
Harvested Warren
Harvested Hope
Harvested Orland
August 2 Sedgwick 13% 3% 76% 9%
Harvested Searsport
July 31 Aurora 11% 13% 73% 3%
July 31 Jonesboro 8% 6% 81% 6%
July 31 Northfield 8% 3% 86% 3%
July 31 Whiting 33% 7% 58% 3%
Prune field shoot tip dieback and bud development was observed in all locations. 

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Blueberries ripening on stem
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Winter kill
Winter Kill

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