Maine’s diverse landscape offers endless opportunities for those that crave adventure, as well as folks that seek nature’s bounty. The SustainME program, created in partnership between the Bryant pond 4-H Camp and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, is based on the primary focus areas of connecting people to food abundant in nature, inspiring new outdoors activities, and promoting living a healthier more sustainable lifestyle. Through various workshops and hands-on opportunities, participants will learn new outdoors skills, gain self-confidence, increase their self-reliance, and gain new appreciation for all that Maine has to offer! From fields to forests and Maine’s rivers to the rugged coastline, adventure and sustenance abounds!

Who are these programs for?

The SustainME programs are open to everyone. Based on feedback from our “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” programs, we’ve heard loud and clear that men and women are seeking these programs and now singles, couples, and groups of friends or family can now attend together! Are you curious about getting into hunting? Do you ever wonder what wild edibles may be local to you? Do you want to live more simply, and be more self-reliant? SustainME is for you!

What do the programs focus on?

Workshops follow three paths: hunting and fishing, foraging and gathering, and backyard farming. Each SustainME program will offers several choices based on these themes. Participants can essentially choose their own adventure and weave in and out of various themes by the workshops that they choose. Each program offers new opportunities that focus on these areas as well as supporting skills, allowing participants to develop and strengthen their connection to the outdoors. One common connection will be the focus on food, whether it’s through hunting, fishing, growing or foraging.

What to expect upon arriving:

Once you register, you’ll receive information on how to dress and what to bring. We provide all of the program equipment and program needs. Each program begins with a brief check-in and orientation before we split into the different workshops. Meals are included and specified during registration. Day programs include lunch, overnight programs will include breakfast and dinner. The programs move from topic to topic, and after the last block, we rejoin to wrap up the program and talk about other opportunities that are available.