July 4th Safety

The July 4th weekend is upon us! Though this may mean all fun and games there is always potential for something to go wrong. We have come up with a few publications that may be worth looking at.

  • Food Safety for Camping and Hiking — Camping and hiking are great ways to enjoy the outdoors, however, getting a foodborne illness could definitely put a damper on your vacation. We supply basic tips on how to avoid any mishaps while spending extended time outside.
  • Barbecue and Tailgating Food Safety — Whether you are camping like previously mentioned or having a cookout in your own backyard there are still risks you could definitely avoid with these helpful tips.
  • Mosquito Management and Insect Repellents — Those pesky mosquitoes have officially made their arrival for the summer. This means taking extra precautions so that you can continue enjoying the great outdoors with little disruption.
  • Ticks — While spending time outside it is always good to be aware of the threat of ticks. Be sure to check yourself, your loved ones and your pets for any ticks every time you are outdoors.
  • Fires: Detections and Equipment to Fight Them — Campfires and fireworks will definitely be near and far this holiday weekend so it is important to be aware of all fire safety measures. It’s better safe than sorry.

Now that you have a stockpile of information for every occasion you are fully prepared to enjoy your weekend!

Happy 4th of July!