Farm Transitions for Beginning and Existing Farmers

Understanding the appropriate course of action for finding a new farm or for passing a farm on can be a daunting procedure. Many beginning farmers are looking for alternative methods of acquiring land to avoid large up-front investments. At the same time many farmers who are nearing retirement (or exiting farmers) want to ensure that their land is maintained as an active and productive farm well into the future. Fortunately, there are several organizations who are working to connect beginning and exiting farmers. Many of these organizations have resources for connecting those searching for farmland with those looking to transfer farmland, resources for developing appropriate and fair economic arrangements between the two parties, and resources for developing plans for phasing of the transition. This is an important life decision for all parties involved, and this resource list is by no means an exhaustive one.

Land For Good’s Toolbox for Farm Transfer Planning

An extensive resource for planning and implementation of farm transfers for farm seekers, exiting farmers, and other landowners.

Land For Good’s A Team Approach to Farm Transfer Planning Assistance (PDF)

A comprehensive overview of the farm transfer planning process.

Maine FarmLink’s Farm Seekers Directory

This program of the Maine Farmland Trust allows farm seekers and those with available farmland to post profiles about themselves and their farm plans (seekers), or themselves, their available land, and ideal transition plan (exiting farmers or landowners) to aid in finding a good match.