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Compiled by Jason Lilley, UMaine Extension Sustainable Agriculture Professional in Cumberland County

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Southern Maine Farmer Listservs

The purpose of these lists is to help growers help one another to be successful in their enterprises. These lists are intended to connect growers to buy and sell items from each other, to connect for buying in bulk, and to find equipment, supplies, and land that can be shared and loaned. Sharing of experiences with products, production and management knowledge, and navigating topics such as insurance, labor, and financing are encouraged. Extension Educators and other service providers are also encouraged to join and contribute to the discussion.

Check out the Southern Maine Farmer Listserv User Guidelines (PDF) for more information on signing up

Farm Answers: A USDA Clearinghouse for Farm Related Resources

Soil Management

Pest Management

Livestock Management

Submitting Various Samples for ID or Analysis

Farm Record Keeping Templates

Accessing Implements

Understanding Regulatory Issues

Farm Insurance

The Farm Transition Process for Beginning and Exiting Farmers

Marketing Opportunities

Five Models to Address Food Access Through Your Farm Business

Written by Ruby Nelson of Pine Root Farm in Steep Falls

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