Cumberland County Master Gardener Volunteers

The University of Maine System is continuing our state-wide gradual reopening process with new COVID-19 protocols and modifications in place. UMaine Extension Master Gardener Volunteers are also continuing a gradual restart process.

As we restart in-person programs and projects, all Master Gardener Volunteers who wish to become involved, must follow our COVID-19 volunteer guidelines. Master Gardener Volunteers no longer need to receive individual approval to volunteer in-person.

Master Gardener Volunteers who do not wish to volunteer in-person may continue to perform volunteer work from their own home or property on projects that have been approved by their MGV Coordinator.

For more information about our updated policy, please visit our COVID-19 MGV Policy website.

Updated: 06/08/2021

Cumberland County Master Gardener Volunteers

Maine’s Master Gardener Program provides participants with at roughly 65 hours of in-depth training in the science of horticulture. Interns receive current, research-based information from Extension educators and horticulture experts.

A Master Gardener knows:

  • how to turn leaves, grass, and kitchen scraps into garden gold — compost
  • how to amend the soil and benefit the environment
  • the difference between beneficial insects and pests
  • how to get the most out of Maine’s short growing season
  • the knowledge to solve common gardening problems

In return, trained Master Gardeners volunteer their time and expertise in many ways for community programs and activities.

As part of a national Cooperative Extension effort, Master Gardeners are recognized as well-trained practitioners who serve their communities.


Enriching lives through learning and giving back to the community, while developing healthy bodies, minds and spirits through gardening.


Foster the growth of sustainable gardening practices in Cumberland County through volunteer services that educate, mentor, address current social and environmental issues and serve the needs of the broader gardening community; enrich the lives of our Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) through educational opportunities, association with other gardeners and support of community service-related projects.

We support this mission by:

  • developing gardening skills and techniques within our community
  • assisting in the ongoing learning and training of our MG volunteers
  • mentoring those new to gardening
  • applying gardening skills and support to individuals who are no longer able to garden for themselves
  • contributing to food security for thousands of Maine families
  • supporting and expanding the programs and sponsored projects of the Cumberland County Master Gardener Program through fundraising activity

Core Values

  • Stewardship – MGVs are accountable for the careful and responsible management of the environment and the programs and activities we initiate in the interest of CCMGA and the broader community
  • Inclusivity – MGVs embrace the diversity and uniqueness of all individuals
  • Commitment – Through active participation, MGVs approach all programs, activities and responsibilities with a focus on delivering and exceeding expectation of ourselves and the broader community
  • Positivity – MGVs possess a can-do attitude and approach to what they do
  • Collaboration – MGVs seek opportunities to work with others in ways that further our mission and benefit the broader community
  • Generosity – MGVs contribute their time, knowledge and skills as the means to ‘give back’ to the communities and individuals we serve
  • Community – MGVs are active participants and supporters of UM Extension programs and values.

For more information about the Cumberland County program, please contact Pamela Hargest  at 207.781.6099 or 1.800.287.1471 (in Maine) or

Already a Master Gardener Volunteer in Cumberland County? Please proceed to the page,  Master Gardener Volunteers Online Resource (password-protected)