Food Safety

Broken egg

Take it from Us … Kitchen Mistakes Happen!

— By Spoonful Bloggers, University of Maine Cooperative Extension As food and nutrition bloggers we’ve got years of experience in the kitchen, and plenty of examples of mistakes we’ve made along the way! Read on for our “tell-all” kitchen mistakes and tips to avoid them in your own kitchen. Doing the Math Wrong – Alex […]

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A food thermometer taking the internal temperature of steak.

In the Kitchen: Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures

— By Kathy Savoie, Extension Educator, University of Maine Cooperative Extension The topic of minimum internal temperatures is always discussed in the ServSafe Food Protection Manager courses and Cooking for Crowds workshops that I teach. This topic is just as important for preventing foodborne illness in your home kitchen. Let’s cover some of the basics. […]

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silhouette of 2 people standing on beach during sunset

Hooked On Health: Food Safety Tips for Ice Fishing Season

 — By Kayla Parsons, RDN, PhD Student, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Ask any avid fisherman about their favorite winter activity and you’re guaranteed to hear, “There’s nothing like spending a day out on the ice.” Ice fishing can be an active and rewarding way to embrace Maine’s chilly weather, not to mention the proud […]

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Frozen power lines with several icicles

Food Safety During a Power Outage

— By Beth Calder, PhD Extension Food Science Specialist, Professor of Food Science, UMaine School of Food and Agriculture In the event of inclement weather, we have to be prepared to face a power outage at any time in Maine. What is recommended when you experience a power outage and how safe is it to […]

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Beef and Potatoes on a plate

Slow Cooker: 8 Steps for Success & Safety

— By Kathy Savoie, Extension Educator, University of Maine Cooperative Extension As a working mom I’ve come to rely on the slow cooker as my ally in the weeknight frenzy of feeding a hearty and healthy meal to my busy family. The slow cooker is an electric countertop appliance that comes in several sizes and […]

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Mother and son cooking together.

5 Tips for Quick and Healthy Back to School Dinners

— By Kate Yerxa, MS, RD, Extension Professor, University of Maine Cooperative Extension School is back in session and for a lot of families that means after school activities and busy evenings, leaving little time for making dinner. To help make evening meals a little less stressful, here is a list of our top 5 […]

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Vegetables on a cutting board

Ask EFNEP: Vegetable Stock

— By Alice Cantrell, EFNEP Community Education Assistant – Somerset County, ME Making your own stock to use in cooking is a great habit to get into. Not only will you be reducing food waste but also creating a healthy base that is widely versatile for many recipes. You can avoid throwing away your onion […]

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Eggs Close Up

Food Safety Facts on Eggs

— By Kathy Savoie, Extension Professor, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Eggs are a hot topic right now. The price of eggs is what all the buzz is about, but let’s not forget about eggs and food safety. Eggs are a potentially hazardous food. They need to be refrigerated to keep them safe. It’s important […]

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Keeping Pies Safe

— By Kathy Savoie, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Educator Holidays and pies just go together kind of like mornings and coffee. Everyone in my family seems to have a favorite pie type for each holiday so there are plenty of leftover pie slices to store (at least for a short period of time). The […]

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Person serving themselves stew

Community Food Events, Volunteers, and Food Safety

— By Kathy Savoie, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Educator Maine has a rich history of community food events such as public meals at churches, granges, fraternal organizations, soup kitchens and food fundraising events that rely on the participation of volunteers. The volunteers are critical to the long-term success of not only the individual event, […]

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