Why Write a Farm Food Safety Plan?

A Farm Food Safety Plan (FFSP) is a comprehensive document that details your commitment to Produce Safety in all aspects of your operation. The FSMA Produce Safety Rule regulation does not require you to write a food Safety Plan for your farm. Still, there are many benefits to having one in place.

  1. It helps you manage the food safety risks you identify on your farm.
  2. Improves the quality and shelf-life of your produce by reducing the number of harmful microorganisms that are present on the produce.
  3. Improves produce handling efficiency by clearly defining your practices, policies, and SOPs. Everyone on your farm will handle produce in the same food-safe way.
  4. It makes a third-party audit quicker and easier by having all of your produce safety information in one place.
  5. Helps if there is an outbreak or a recall and you are asked for farm produce safety procedures and records.