Franklin County Extension Homemakers

Franklin County Extension Homemakers are part of the Maine Extension Homemakers. Through the years, the purpose of the Maine Extension Homemakers has remained tied to strengthening and extending adult education into the home and community.  Maine Extension Homemakers has the goal to develop leadership, promote the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s educational programs in all parts of Maine, and to support worthy community causes

Extension Homemakers is a volunteer group that has the goal of developing leadership, supporting worthy community causes, and promoting University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s educational programs in Franklin County. The purpose of this group remains tied to strengthening and extending adult education into the home and community.

Extension Homemaker group members help to extend the resources of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension into their communities through educational opportunities and service projects. Members generally meet several times throughout the year [often monthly], participate in educational programs, and identify community projects they want to support.

As local members, Extension Homemakers in Franklin County belong to a local community group.  Local groups are involved with assisting with many different community projects such as local food pantries, soup kitchens or homeless shelters, nursing homes, children’s projects, medical program support, scholarships for high school students, and much more.  In addition, all members have the opportunity to learn with others, make friends, and contribute to their community and county.  They gain leadership skills and are able to share interests and talents with others.

Local members come together to form a county group led by the Franklin County Extension Homemakers Advisory Council.  The Homemakers Advisory Council has officers, and meets on a regular basis, usually monthly, except during July and August. They coordinate a winter, spring, and fall meeting for the membership, work in cooperation with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension to offer public educational programs through educational events throughout the year.

Franklin County Extension Homemaker membership is open to anyone who is interested in learning new information to improve their personal, family, and community life or who is interested in educating and serving members of the Extension Homemakers groups and the communities.  For more information, contact the UMaine Extension Franklin County Office.

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