Appreciating Success Small Group Thinking: Themes

At the meeting, attendees engaged in small groups to respond to a set of questions. Their responses were simultaneously uploaded to a Google Document. Since that time, the responses were put into themes and the information by theme is now available as Appreciating Success Small Group Notes (PDF).

Please consider reviewing this information individually and in your work teams to determine how it might inform your work and goals.

The ELT reviewed and discussed the themed information and noted that many indicated we:

  • should pay attention to the stresses of managing traditional ways of offering our programs while also producing online programs, videos, and utilizing social media
  • could be utilizing our volunteers to a greater extent
  • must continue offering staff development opportunities in the areas of technology, interpersonal skills, and marketing
  • have organizational “core values” that serve us well and we would benefit from reinforcing those values with employee core competencies that would form a basis for hiring and staff development; these values include communication/openness, teamwork, equality/diversity, work and life balance, respect …
  • have a strong and positive mission and passionate staff members and we must continue to address the highest priority issues facing Maine people
  • must continue collaborating internally and externally to carry out programmatic goals

The staff development committee met in May to discuss this information and determine how this information informs future staff development offerings. The staff development committee and the ELT are also interested in your thoughts about the themed information in the Google document. Please send your thoughts or the thoughts of your team to Fran at