Things to Know

2016 Two-Day All Organizational Meeting:
Enhancing Extension’s Mission through Narrative

Things to Know


Staff who are located off-campus, and not in the Penobscot Office, may choose to stay in one of the hotels listed below. Those rooming with at least one other staff member will not have any out-of-pocket expense. Those who would like a single room will incur a $50 per night expense. Please pay that amount to Renae Byard by the end of the conference. To book a room, please contact the hotel directly, tell them you are a staff member of Cooperative Extension and also let them know the names of the staff staying in the room. If you do not have another person to room with, the hotel will pair you with another staff member.

Black Bear Inn Conference Center
4 Godfrey Drive
Orono, Maine 04473
(Holding a block of rooms until September 25)

University Inn Academic Suites
5 College Avenue
Orono, Maine 04473
207 866-4921
(Holding a block of rooms until October 3)


Central organizational funds will support your mileage and additional meals according to normal travel practices. You may use the following ChartField information: 5400983 (Dept) 12 (fund) 5600169 (project) Please carpool as much as possible. Staff who are located more than two hours may stay the night of October 25 as well as October 26.


Be prepared for the weather since breakout sessions and tours are located in various locations around the campus. Comfortable shoes are also a good choice for the same reason. Casual attire is fine. It is also good to dress in layers to be prepared for meeting rooms that fluctuate in temperature. The top layer should be warmer than you’d expect to have to wear indoors.

Staff Who Work 20 Hours or Less

Those who work 20 hours or less may charge the additional hours spent at the organizational meeting to central funds. This means you may work some or all of your normal schedule that week and charge the additional time to central funds.

Cash Bar/Music

A cash bar will be available during the poster session, dinner, and after-dinner musical entertainment. An Extension Band is preparing to share new and older music with attendees. Do not miss these talented folks! There will also be a talent “show” portion to round out the evening entertainment.


As a fundraiser, there will be items to bid on. Those items will be located in the lobby. More information coming later.

University Photo

It is helpful to have your University photo on file and fairly up to date. Please take the time to update your photo while at the All Organizational Meeting. A photographer will be at Wells from 12:30 to 1:30 on October 27th.

Cell Phones/Knitting

While it is true that those engaged in activities that require them to look down in a prolonged manner can be paying attention, past presenters have misinterpreted that staff were not interested and not paying attention. For that reason, we suggest that you do not do that type of activity during presentations or small group discussions/exercises.


If you would like a hard copy of the agenda, please print it and bring it with you. We will also have them available at the meeting. Your name badge will indicate the breakouts, tours, and meals you selected. There will be a poster of the agenda in the lobby with all location information.


If you need to cancel your registration, please cancel by October 14. This will prevent us from being charged for the food costs.

Poster Session Set-up

The Poster Session is from 5:30-6:15 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Committee members will be available during breaks and lunch to assist with set-up. All tables are 8 feet long. Some may have an electrical outlet, but there are not enough outlets for all tables to have a ready electrical supply. Display tables will be available for the entire length of the conference if you would like to set-up and leave your materials on display beyond the “active” Poster Session time slot.