Tours/Campus Recreation

2016 Two-Day All Organizational Meeting:
Enhancing Extension’s Mission through Narrative

Tours/Campus Recreation


  • Advanced Structures and Composites Center
  • Advanced Manufacturing Center
  • Food Pilot Plant
  • Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center
  • Emera Astronomy Center: The Hitchhikers Guide the Universe is an incredible visual tour of the size and scale of our cosmos! Join planetarium manager Shawn Laatsch as he hosts the evening presentation and “flies” participants out into space on a unique and engaging tour through the Universe. Audience members will travel to our local planets and their moon systems, zip through the rings of Saturn and explore the asteroids. We will visit other star systems, explore nebulae and go far beyond to star clusters and other areas of our Milky Way galaxy. Traveling beyond the Milky Way, the journey will continue into intergalactic space exploring our local group of galaxies, the Virgo cluster of galaxies, and to the farthest edge of the Universe. Feel as if you are “jumping off the Earth” as you voyage through time and space! This is a program that will really show you all that the planetarium can do!

Campus Recreation

If you choose to attend campus recreation, please bring a signed copy of the 2015 Release and Assumption of Risk Form (PDF) with you to prevent delays.