December 2019 Updates

Professional to Faculty Promotion Pathway

  • Dean Carter met with the EPC to discuss:
    • A potential promotion path between Extension Professional and Faculty status.
    • Options for Professionals who are at the highest Extension Professional level (IV).
  • Dean Carter has met with Faculty representatives and they are open to a joint committee to look at a potential promotion path between Professionals and Faculty. She will facilitate connecting the two groups.
  • It has not been determined whether the same group will discuss options for Professionals who have hit the promotion ceiling or if a second group will be created to work on this parallel to and in communication with the first group.
  • The EPC will keep Extension Professionals updated as these discussions progress.

Promotion Process Updates

A Promotion Review Survey was sent out to all Extension Professionals in the spring of 2019. Approximately 30% (19 individuals) responded.

If you have not taken the promotion process survey or would like to provide additional information through the survey, click here.

Next Steps:

  • EPC will work on:
    • Pulling your feedback together into a proposal for the ELT to consider.
    • Creating a web page for suggestions for applying your work to meet the four criteria under the Promotion Process pages. 
    • Updating and re-organizing the Promotion Process pages on our website to be more useful and user-friendly

Summary of the responses from initial survey:

  • Demographic results:
    • 8 respondents are level I professionals and have worked for Extension less than 10 years.
    • 7 respondents have worked for Extension between 10 and 20 years and are evenly split between levels 2, 3 & 4.
    • 13 were base-funded professionals and 6 were soft money.
    • 15 identified as female and 4 as male.
    • 16 were in program related positions, 3 in marketing/communication and 1 in research.
  • Qualitative Results:
    • What do you appreciate about the process?
      • Opportunity for pay increase and credential/educational attainment.
      • Clearly defined criteria and process.
      • Peer review and coaching.
      • Support for participant and completion of the process.
      • Chance for reflection on work and goals.
      • That it exists!
    • What barriers exist in the process?
      • No options for those at Level IV.
      • Task is daunting with required record-keeping on top of regular work.
      • Unclear what the specific levels and criteria look like for my specific role.
      • Have never seen what a completed packet looks like.
      • Limitations in job description make advancement nearly impossible.
      • Difficulty finding mentors/peers to help navigate the process.
      • Soft-money positions need to raise their own salary increases.
    • What are the reasons for not applying if eligible?
      • Time and effort involved for such a small increase.
      • Promotion not supported by supervisor.
    • Is the process of collecting and assembling packet materials clear?
      • 8 Yes
      • 7 Somewhat
      • 4 No
    • Criteria:
      • Almost half the respondents felt they could use clarification of the criteria and concrete. examples of how they apply to different roles.
      • Suggestions for additional criteria included collaborative activities, public service, building partnerships and community member feedback.
    • What would be most helpful?
      • Mentors / peer review to help with process.
      • Examples of successful packets and of how criteria apply to specific roles.
      • Extending rank limits.
      • Clarifying and streamlining the process and communications.
      • Support from PA.
      • Understanding why the process matters. Why it is worth the time and effort.